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Educational ERP

A stable, robust, secure, personalized ERP system to run administration with ease and significantly improves the level and quality of education.



Student Management

Payment Gateway

Staff Management

Admission Management

Fees Management


The advancement of technology during the last few years has completely changed the very facet of the higher education industry. The rising population exerts great pressure on limited resources which requires maximizing output with minimum input. Now the educational institutions demand enhanced regulatory control, high quality education at an affordable price, wider reach and reduction in financial aid etc. This intricate process is throwing challenges to the areas like teaching-learning process management, academic research, admission, administration operations, curriculum management etc. 


Online learning or educational software customization is the key answer to all challenges. It is the new platform in the education industry that offers flexible learning modules, cost savings and effective learning for students.

JhaMobi, a software development company render innovative, customized educational solutions to help HEIs improve their academic and administrative performance.

JhaMobi improves the proficiency and functionality of the education system by incorporating the finest IT solutions. It helps institutes to provide the best software solution and services within a fixed affordable budget. We at JhaMobi develop Learning Management System (LMS) that adds enterprise appeal.


JhaMobi Education Software Development Services:

  • Information Management (MIS/Reports)
    The Hi-tech information system management enables clients to administrate their educational institutions and university information easily on an interactive and attractive platform.


Reports and analysis including the following:

  • Grade reports.

  • Rankers/Scholars/ Toppers.

  • Distinction holders.

  • Subject grade report and analysis.

  • Result status and summary.


  • Flexible and Dynamic Admin Panel and Affordable Customization

    JhaMobi delivers affordable and advanced customized solutions according to the client's needs and requirements. In addition to this, the user-friendly and highly secured admin portal.​


  • The add-on features include the following:

    • Library management module.

    • HR Management.

    • Payroll/ salary management.

    • Institute resources management.

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