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Today’s businesses are increasingly becoming highly competitive. A bright idea, strong strategy and in depth marketing knowledge may still not bring the required results unless organizations pay attention to high development quality and innovative development practices.

Offshoring product development to JhaMobi helps independent software vendors (ISVs), as well as software product development organizations including startups in freeing their valuable resources from development and concentrating on their core activities.

Offshoring of product development helps clients in leveraging JhaMobi development capabilities across different technologies to take new product ideas to newer heights. When a client works with JhaMobi they get new thoughts, improvement suggestions, development skills and expertise along with the confidence to shine as a potential leader in their respective segment. Also while doing so time to market is reduced to a great extent and the clients get an edge over their competition.

As an independent software vendor or software product company, the client is interested in shorter development and testing life cycles which directly affects time to market, reducing software development and support costs and enhancing product functionality in order to generate greater value to your customers. But volatile nature of technology and software skills poses a limit to it. But the same volatile nature of technology, skills and methodologies can be converted into an advantage by offshoring the product development activity to JhaMobi.

At JhaMobi, we understand product development (OPD) requires the offshore team to work in very close collaboration with the client’s engineering team. In the process, partnering with JhaMobi for client product development services helps client leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs and quality manpower.

JhaMobi utilizes its product development expertise and product development and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product development services. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on client needs.

In today’s competitive world businesses have to move fast and software solutions can help businesses in responding quickly to changing market dynamics.

The software solution that has worked for one business may not work for another as no business is exactly similar to other business. Hence businesses have to go for custom built software solutions to manage their growth.

JhaMobi IT services are meant for designing a software that has been designed, developed and tested for a specific business requirement. With JhaMobi IT services, businesses don’t have to change their business practices rather software solutions or applications will be developed as the requirements of the businesses.

JhaMobi has a rich experience of building software solutions and applications over a decade. As a result of this JhaMobi has more matured software development processes that are cost effective yet provide high quality deliverables. It has mastered the art of planning and designing custom software solutions, which is the key for successful IT services. JhaMobi has acquired a competitive advantage by utilizing its technology skills in more productive and effective ways that shortens the development time and lowers the total development cost.
JhaMobi provides its custom IT development services in all leading technologies such as  Java and Android. Many of its software development team members are certified software professionals having profound experience in building softwares solutions and web applications.

The custom software development process normally includes, but not limited to:

  • Thorough analysis of the business needs

  • Preparation of design specifications

  • Initial design concept

  • Development

  • Testing and validation

  • Client support

  • Ongoing feature enhancements and maintenance

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