Trackiya application suite has two parts :
1. Trackiya Mobile App : Mobile App is to calculate vehicle’s travel distance calculation and vehicle’s travel time.

2. Trackiya Web App : WebApp is MIS where hub, vehicle , driver info has been entered . Vehicle tracking , break down information, report generation are some prominent features.

Trackiya is platform to track last mile delivery logistics operation. Many e-commerce is having chaotic experience in this area.


These are few pain-points needs to be address in this unorganized domain.


  1. Vendor control  

  2. Organize delivery process.

  3. Use field executive effectively as FE tracking

  4. Analytic tool for taking decision

  5. No paperwork or excel sheet

  6. No meter reading is required

  7. Reduce vendor and hub-incharge laison

  8. Secure data storage

  9. Permission based access

  10. Centralized data system.