Welcome to ultramodern, contemporary and advance mode of Learning.Welcome to the world where education is personalised and digital and you can carry your education wherever you go.

Access an entire library of study material, Share assignment with your students ,collaborate,test manage yourself and manage your entire learning process with our Learning Management System.Our LMS take care  of all your requirement.

So say hello to the new revolution in learning- The digital platform where you can read, recapitulate, test yourself and hone your potential- all within the power of a click- and discover the magic of effective studying.

Educational Institute, teachers, parents and students – YoEdu is designed keeping in mind everyone’s needs and requirements. Everyone stands to benefit from our services. We strive to provide solutions to common problems faced on a daily basis.

Features of YoEdu

Study Material : Real-time and unlimited distribution of Study Material ( branch-wise and semester-wise ) with students. Student can access soft copy of Study Material immediately on their mobile. Access to comprehensive study material (provided by the institute) of each chapter on mobile, so students can study / revise at anytime and anywhere.

Real time notice : Individual notice , Notice to all , Group notice to Students / Parents / Teachers / Admin / Branch-wise and semester-wise. Notification can go to one batch parents / students too.Real-time notice board where Student/parent can get any notice from the institute on mobile immediately through mobile notification.

Assignment : Subject-wise , Chapter-wise and Class-wise assignment to students.


School can provide time-based practice test ( MCQ ) to students . School can distribute old question paper with students. Aptitude preparation for BE students & Interview Question. Students can give as many real-time tests as possible.

Parent can chat with Admin / Teacher. Student can chat with Teacher. Student can chat with his classmate.

Timetable (Branch-wise and semester-wise) , Exam timetable , academic  schedule. Bi-Directional Messaging Between Educators And Student/Parents.

Student can edit profile like profile pic. Display his/her profile.

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